Profit rates for each 1,000 views of your video
Tier / Length 10-Longer min
Tier 1 $3.5
Tier 2 $2.1
Tier 3 $1.0
Tier 4 $0.25

Country Groups :
Tier 1: Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, United States Tier 3: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Netherlands, North Korea, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovak Republic, South Korea, United Arab Emirates
Tier 2: Australia, Austria, France, Italy, Sweden Tier 4: Other countries

1.   Pay outs are done weekly on Monday/Tuesday (Please request by Sunday night)

2.   Minimum payout is 5 USD.

3.   Payouts are processed using PayPal,Skrill, Payza (only 1xmonth) or Wire.

4.   Attempting to gain revenue using misleading/unethical methods, such as spamming, will result in an immediate ban.

5.   All video views and downloads are counted.

6.   All affiliates must agree to and abide by Terms of Service, Intellectual Property Policy, and Privacy Policy. Failure to do so may result in temporary suspension or permanent termination of an account.

7.   Views from the Philippines and China will not count towards our affiliate program.

8.   You earn money for full video views or downloads from any country.

9.   Video longer than 10 minutes are counted for views